Thursday, March 26, 2015

Love Letters.

"Love Letters"
By Frederick Key

Joey said “A, Emily,
I’ll B around at eight.”
She said, “I’ll C you later then,
With my friend, D, I’ll wait.”
He thought with E’s he’d motor there
And would, F naught were wrong.
But G, the things that happen make
The heart H like a song.
Em was the apple of his I
Like a J, his heart would soar
But he also liked her sister, K,
Which led to L once more.
He called that night and told her “M,
I’m sad N sorry, see? 
O, I've got such a bellyache,
It hurts me when I P.”
He met Kaye in the casino Q
Where passes R had for free.
Although he felt like a royal S
Kaye looked good in her T.
U can’t two-time, he told himself,
This liaison V must break.
“I’ll W dough at craps,” she said,
“If I may X you for a stake.”
Y did Joe finally call it off?
It’s not too hard to Z.
For Emily’s letters were really sweet,
And Kaye’s numbers brought bankruptcy.

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