Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Health is disgusting.

At a meeting the other day a young attendee brought a plastic cup filled with some green sludge. He drank it throughout the meeting. As he seemed a levelheaded sort in other regards, I asked him what the cup full of slime had been.

"Um, I forget exactly," he said. "Spinach... no, kale. Kale, mango... lemon juice, it's very lemony... It's really healthy. I feel better already."

"It had to be healthy," I noted, "since it was so repulsive."

I went on to applaud him for forcing down something that looked that bad. He maintained that it tasted pretty good, and again, that it was healthy.

"Lots of things that are healthy look horrible," I said.


"Like a human spleen. A perfectly healthy human spleen looks pretty disgusting when you're holding it in your hand."

He was willing to concede the point. I knew the kid was levelheaded.

I had nothing nearly so healthy for lunch. In fact, for dinner I had a double BBQ burger with the potato chips right on it from Jake's Wayback. It may not have been healthy, and I'm sure it wasn't healthy for the cow. But unlike the green scum juice, or the human spleen, it absolutely looked great.

Now I have to outlive the kid. Just on general principles.

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