Saturday, March 14, 2015

Equal but not separate.

You want to know what's got me furious today? Okay, I'll tell you what's got me furious today. THIS has got me furious today.

You see it there, right? Right? Here, just in case you missed it:

That's right: Some asshat makes his coffee, puts in the Equal, and throws the empty packets BACK IN THE BOWL. What the HELL is wrong with this guy? (I assume it was a guy; guys are stoopiter about these things.) The trash can is so close to this bowl you could literally lean over and drop in the packets. HELLO, DUMBASS! THIS IS CIVILIZATION, NOT THE BARN IN WHICH YOU WERE RAISED! I'm so upset that I'm RESORTING TO ALL CAPS!

Why get so mad over something so petty? you ask. Good question. I'll tell you why. BECAUSE IT IS SO INCOMPREHENSIBLY STUPID.

You know, I honestly could forgive a more horrible error for a more complex task. Say you made a mistake during brain surgery. Well, everyone has an off day! It's really really hard, and a tiny error could cause a person to die. Maybe you accidentally rounded off instead of carrying the 2 and your rocket crashed into the Adriatic. Oopsie! Rocket science is brutally tough! That's why pencils have erasers!

But throwing your garbage on top of the other packets is so utterly thoughtless, so dunderheaded, so loutish, so frigging selfish, that it makes me crazy. It is so easy to NOT the stupid thing, with the trash can eighteen inches away, that it's almost harder TO do the stupid thing. You have to ignore everything you were ever taught about garbage disposal, food hygiene, and congenial behavior to dump your wrapper on top of the other packets. Does this guy do it at home, too? Finish a sandwich from Fat Stupid Sandwich Takeout, ball up the wrapper, and throw it in the fridge? Probably not. SO WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING HERE?

To top it off, no one in the group that met here was an obvious moron. For all I know this was a brain surgeon doing it. Which is not comforting at all.

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