Friday, December 12, 2014

The poet persisted.

My joy over my ode to the ibex the other day has led me into a composing frenzy. Just try to get me to stop! We poets are made of sterner stuff than that. We're known for it. If it were up to the doubting Thomases, Billy Shakespeare would have quit at seven or eight sonnets. But he persisted! Now he has 154, and who knows? His career might really take off.

I was inspired by a brief couplet from another writer that incidentally combined rhyming words in an incidental singsong. You don't want that in your prose unless you have a darn good reason, so I had to take him to the woodshed. But for my poetic muse it was pure inspiration. So here comes another one!

The Unsuitable Suitor

Proposal consisted
Of favors enlisted
Morality twisted
Exotic place vistaed
Beyond her the world was so wide

The sister resisted
The mister persisted
And leering, insisted
Proclivities listed
Were what all celebrities tried

She'd hardly existed
If she were tightfisted
With love, and unlisted
But he said he'd trysted
Her type with his masculine wile

His nose she then fisted
The mister, delisted
By she, unassisted
At last he desisted
A bloody, insensible pile

In life it is better to have coexisted
Than wind up all battered and royally pisted.

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