Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fast away the old year passes.

Last day of the old, stale year, and time to look back on how we did with our new year's resolutions from New Year's Day 2014.


Fall la la la la, la la la la.
Okay, I didn't do so well, but I have a lot of company. Forbes reports that "Most studies show resolutions begin to drop off after a week and only about 40% of those who made resolutions actually stick to their goals." Which actually is a lot higher than I would have thought.

Tell you the truth, I didn't really make formal resolutions this past year. At the end of 2013 I had stationary-biked myself into a knee injury; my oldest friend had passed away unexpectedly; work was going poorly; I was happy just to get through Christmas. New Year's Eve we were watching movies on TCM, I think; I know that we didn't realize midnight had gone by until several minutes past midnight. And I was thrilled, because now I could slink off to bed.

This year I'm not quite so wiped out. I am resolving to build up my editing business (few of us writers can survive on writing alone); I am resolving to get more non-knee-destroying exercise; I am resolving to cut down on the sugar before I get a type 2 surprise from my doctor; I am resolving to work harder to train Tralfaz before he turns into a fully grown varmint dog; I am resolving to finish my middle-grade book and my sequel to MacFinster (more on those projects to come); and I am resolved to de-clutter the house. But I'm not expecting to get it all done on January 2; I'm aiming to ease into good habits and ease out of bad ones, one week or day at a time.

And if I fail, I'll just change the 4 on the illustration to a 5, and we'll give it a try again in 2016.

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