Saturday, November 21, 2015

This holiday season, give yourself to the Dark Side!

What says "Happy Christmas" more than an stuffed-toy ornament featuring a guy who'd destroy a planet full of innocent people just to prove a point? 

I'm not going into my song and dance about the flaws of the Star Wars universe and the foolishness of lovin' baby Darth all over again. You can read all about that here, if you like. 

I know Hallmark has been making Star Wars ornaments as part of its Christmas ornaments for a long time, at least since 1997. But those have been normal-looking Vaders, as far as I've seen, not the cute 'n cuddly Disney-fied Vader. I noted in that earlier commentary that Disney had not yet made a Darth Vader Tsum Tsum but that I expected it to happen, and this ornament is pretty close. 

Why do people want to put a mass-murdering stooge on the tree, anyway? To scare the kids? "If you keep being naughty, instead of Santa paying you a call you'll get THIS GUY... And he finds your lack faith disTURBING...."

Maybe next year we could have an ornament of Hannibal Lecter chomping some dude.

Geez, I shouldn't give anyone any ideas. 

I guess it could be worse. People might actually want to put THIS GUY on the tree:

Noooo! Not OLAF! The HORROR!!!!!

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