Friday, November 6, 2015

Something I SHOULD eat?

Regular readers know how often I eat things I should not eat. (Irregular readers should be more concerned about their own diets.) But this week I ate something I possibly should eat, and the results were amazing!

The first amazing thing is that I ate something with "pod" in the title. Pods are either vegetable-related or dehumanizing or both. I'll let you decide which.

The Chia Pod is a healthy snack from The Chia Co, maker of---Chia Pods, I guess. I don't think they make anything else, although the pods come in seven flavors, so they make a lot of them. It's possible that some big well-known company full of meanies owns them and won't reveal their name, the way Kellogg's owns Kashi and Bear Naked.

The strawberry one, which I tried, contains "chia seed gel (filtered water, chia seed), strawberry puree, coconut milk, coconut palm sugar, aronia berry." Sounds healthy, although I don't know what aronia berries are and I'm too lazy to look them up right now. Here, you do it.

The second amazing thing is that I didn't get this for me, I got it for my wife. She's always looking for a healthy protein-filled snack, and I'd heard chia seeds are pretty good at that (4g protein in this pod), so what the heck.

Thought she was going to heave.

My wife is very sensitive to food textures. Polenta makes her ralph. She can't stand slimy stuff, and this was a bowl full of slime. She got half of one tiny viscous spoonful into her and almost shot it out. She may be thinking that Chia Co. is owned by ExxonMobil.

I'm not so moved by texture, so I ate the rest.

It was okay. Kind of just okay. It hardly had any flavor at all, I thought; you could taste the strawberry, but I didn't think there was one half strawberry in the whole 6 oz cup. Just a very mild flavor. And very slimy texture. I guess I could have felt noble and wise for eating it, but I just felt like a guy who ate a bowl of berry slime. Not like I burst forth with energy like Underdog.

Let it never be said that I've never eaten anything healthy. There, I did it, okay? Can I wait ten years until the next one? Thanks.

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