Saturday, November 7, 2015

Back to the things I shouldn't eat.

When shopping for Halloween candy, I sometimes feel guilty, knowing that far too many of those calories are going to find their way behind my belt. So I may make the attempt to get a sack of something that I don't like, hoping that the kids will, but knowing that even if they don't it will be buried in the trick-or-treat bag and they won't remember which house it came from. 

So I got a sack of these:

The classic Necco Wafers. Dating from 1847. Almost all of them went to the kids. There were a few of these small rolls left over.

I remember Neccos from my childhood. (Which occurred after 1847, yes, thank you.) I never liked them. Old-man candy, we thought, like Mary Janes and Smarties and Nips and, God help us, Starlight Mints. They would be November 7th candies, the kind of thing you got to a week after Halloween, after you ate everything else.

As I said, there were a couple of these Necco rolls left over, so I ate one.

They're excellent.

I always thought they were like eating slices of chalk, and they are---slices of chalk flavored with awesome. Powerful fruity sugary flavor. Except for the licorice one, which was better than I remembered. Delicate crunch. Refreshing. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Of course, that doesn't mean that Necco wafers are not old man candy; it may just mean I've become an old man.

May I should get some Starlight Mints....

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