Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers! Some of you have asked me if the Fred Balloon was going to appear in this year's Macy's parade, as in years past.

Sadly, the answer is no; there was that tragic incident last year when the balloon came free from all of its handlers except Max "Stinky" Binko, who clung on to his rope in terror. (I knew the handlers should have stayed away from Santa's elves; those punks were chugging hard nog at five a.m.) The networks didn't show it on TV, but the balloon drifted in the wind down to West 38th Street, where some elves were drinking and watching the parade from the Refinery Rooftop. They blew cocktail picks from straws at my balloon, causing a massive deflation, which actually would have been helpful if it had not shot down the avenue, with Stinky, and flattened the cast of the Grapes of Wrath musical, Grape!, who were warming up for their big number, "Plantin' Grampa (Way Way Down)."

Needless to say, parade officials have not returned my calls this year.

So we'll be spending the day quietly at home.

I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving once more, and I am thankful for many things, including your visit.

One last word of advice, if you're doing the pies, from that font of movie wisdom:

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Stiiv said...

[The Fred balloon] flattened the cast of the Grapes of Wrath musical, Grape!

Did it make ya mad? Did it make ya mean mad?

Enjoy the day, pal.