Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Scooby snack!

One of my practices when overbuying for Halloween is to get some real emergency snack packs, something I'd give out after the candy that could conceivably be eaten by an adult if left over. (Ahem.) Something like those little packs of pretzels you can put in the kid's lunch.

If you run out of candy, you can nearly satisfy (and vaguely annoy) the later kids with pretzels. But you don't have to resort to fruit or spare change or cans of soup.

Still, I wouldn't have gone for the Scooby snacks if I had not had a coupon.

Scooby-Doo Fruit Snacks. Betty Crocker makes them. Excellent source of vitamin C! Which is good, since our kids are all sickened with the scurvy.

They come in six flavors and shapes, handily labeled on this illustration for you:

Shaggy is sort of grape flavored, Fred is kind of lemony or maybe orangey, and so on. They're not as hard to tell apart by taste as, say, Flintstone vitamins, or even M&M's. (Only Daredevil can tell M&M's apart by taste.) But like the original Flintstone vitamins, they made the main vehicle into one of the shapes, which I thought was interesting. (NB: Betty replaced the Flintmobile in 1995.)

How are they? They're tasty. They're sugary. The kids would enjoy them. But not as much as candy.

I hope Velma Dinkley is proud of this moment, though. You know you've really made it in the world when you have your image as a fruit snack. You don't see any old Vanderpump on a fruit snack, do you?

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