Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Slip Mahoney: The Recap.

Well, folks, that wraps another Talk Like Slip Mahoney Day. The second. In a row! So it's all very exciting. Or, as Slip might say, it's been absolutely dogmatic and innocuous.

Here are some inspiring and completely unconfirmed anecdotes connected with this year's event, reported to us at TLSMD HQ:

  • An angry police captain in Houston was overheard telling a sergeant, "I oughta moidelize ya, ya bum."
  • Nationwide, bow tie sales were up 38% on the day.
  • A female pediatrician in Oshkosh told the mother of one of her patients, "She just needs ta get some good eats, some fresh air, and some ostracize."
  • Seven palookas in Cleveland went to Walmart to buy hats so they could hit one another with them.
  • A Baptist minister in Mobile told some congregants, "God sent his only kid to redeem our exegetical souls, and dat ain't hay, bruddah."
  • An elderly woman in Saskatchewan, faced with a picky-eating grandson, promised that, "If yeh don't eat dat tuna sanwich I'm gonna feed ya a knuckle sanwich!"

So we're positively immobilized with glee at da toinout.

Why do we honor the great Slip Mahoney? Why do we chase these ghosts of celluloid past? I'd say, we may be ghost chasers, but we're in excellent company.

See you next year. Tomorrow, back to foods I shouldn't eat (but did), dog anecdotes, miscellaneous complaints, pedantry, and observational humor!

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