Thursday, June 25, 2015

Candy Crush confession.

I gave up.

I had it. I couldn't take the pressure anymore.

I kept trying and trying but I couldn't beat it.

I started having nightmares about chocolate.


You see how evil it is?

I would try to get past The Level once in a while, but no luck. It was too much for me.

Level 361.

Apparently it has baffled others, because people have posted a lot of whines and frustrations over it, not to mention cheats and tips. And yet it doesn't even make various lists of the hardest levels.

But it got to be too much. I realized one day that I hadn't played Candy Crush in months because I was so sick of trying to beat that level. And it was worse than that. When I looked myself in the eye, I realized that I no longer wanted to bring all ingredients down to the bottom. I didn't care if I didn't clear all the jelly. It was over.

I shall erase the app and wipe out months of work, just like that.

What a relief.

What a colossal waste of time.

Crush on, O crushers of candy; I've made a separate piece (of candy). I've said a farewell to crushing. I'm a non-candy-batant. Peace out, Tiffi; later, Mr. Toffee. I will crush no more---

Hey, some of those tips look kind of helpful. And what's this with Sugar Drops? Something new?


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