Saturday, June 27, 2015


Not much to report today; spent most of Friday trying to work, attending a long meeting, and wobbling through the day while feeling wonky. Last night it was all I could do to collapse, annoy the dog, and watch reruns of Mythbusters. Of course, I treated my illness with all proper medications, used only as directed.

I think this may have passed its "Best By" date though.
So I hope I will have something for you Sunday that will make it worth your while to stop by. I always want to have something amusing or interesting; it is, after all, supposed to be your Daily Dose of Vitamin Fred, not just your Dose When I Feel Up to It.

If someone has a mom or gramma they can spare who has a crackerjack chicken soup recipe or something, please let me borrow her? Thanks a lot.

"Now take some more Ex-Lax and
stop bitching and moaning, dearie."

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