Monday, September 14, 2015

Things I Shouldn't Eat: Rosh Hashanah Edition.

I've always loved these:

The Jell Rings by Joyva are a delightful treat, a bright, fruity gelatin covered with good chocolate. The chocolate isn't that awesome, I'll admit, but it doesn't matter because it's the Jell that sells.

When I was kid, my mom used to get Jell Rings, as well as other Joyva treats like Halvah, from the deli counter, by weight. I don't know if they came individually wrapped like this package, but I never saw them. You could also get the rectangular jells, vanilla twists, and other such things (all available online at Economy Candy). To our family, multiculturalism meant eating sugar from other cultures.

You should be this tasty.
I must confess, most of what we considered Jewish foods that I've eaten have left me pretty cold. Matzoh ball soup, gefilte fish, coconut macaroons, Jewish chicken soup, even rugelach---at best I can take them or leave them. Others leave me feeling like the boy eating sand in Rob Bartlett's "Tales of Old Judaica," who is offered all kinds of treats if he will help move a catering cart. "'No thanks,' said the boy, 'I'd rather eat sand.'"

But Joyva Jell Rings, I would move the cart myself for.

Happy New Year, and although it's 5776, you should party like it's 5999.

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