Friday, September 18, 2015

Beatles songs as written by dogs.

Oh yeah I'll tell you something
I bet you can't guess what
Now I'll say that something
I wanna smell your buuuuutttt...

I once had a bitch
Or should I say she once had me
She showed me her stick
Isn't it good
Norwegian wood...

Baby you can chase my car...

Now I'm chewing up this old brown shoe, baby, I'm in love with you...

Lady Madonna
Puppies at your feet
Wonder how you manage to get them treats...

She said
I know what it's like to play dead...

He stuck his head out of a car
He hadn't noticed that the light had changed...

Now we live a life of ease
Every one of us has lots of fleas*
Sky of blue, and sea of green
With our belly rub Marine
We all live with a belly rub Marine
Belly rub Marine
Belly rub Marine

Thanks, K9 Pride!


I just want to point out that on that last one, the dog version rhymes better (ease/fleas) than the human version (ease/needs). Just saying.

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