Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Atonement food.

So Yom Kippur started, and although I'm not Jewish, we all could use some atoning.

Those of you familiar with Joyva or who read my post on Rosh Hashanah may be saying, "But Fred! Joyva confections? How is kosher candy supposed to help you atone on a day of fasting?"

Silly boy! These aren't kosher! They're parve

But I maintain that Halvah is a form of eating atonement, at least for me. It is a treat made of sesame paste, and I remembered not liking it when I was a kid -- dry as dust and not very flavorful. Well, I thought my tastebuds might have advanced in the intervening years, as they have for many things I didn't like as a child, so I tried it again. 

Dry as dust and not very flavorful. And I had nothing with which to wash it down. Atonement! 

Of course, it was all shot to hell with the chocolate-covered jelle Joys bar:

Mmmm -- forgive me, father, for I have been a glutton!

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