Monday, September 12, 2016

Batman and Bunny.

Bunny: Boy, wasn't that something, Batman? I would never have expected to see Calendar Man and Clock King team up. But we got 'em good!

Batman: Yes.

Bunny: Did you see that flying kick I did on the henchmen? I knocked down four at once! Pow!

Batman: I sure did. Classic Bunny.

Bunny: Aw, thanks, Batman. What's next? Do we look for their lair, see if there's any more to this?

Batman: No, Bunny, I... I'd just like to speak with you for a minute.

Bunny: Uh... Yeah?

Batman: I-- Well, I want to say, I think you're a terrific crime fighter.

Bunny: Hey, thanks.

Batman: I'm serious. Your speed, your quick thinking, your superhuman leaping and kicking...

Bunny: And the nibbling! Remember when I nibbled you out of that cage when Dr. Double X trapped you?

Batman: Of course! It was our first meeting.

Bunny: And now we have the bad guys in Gotham on the run!

Batman: That's what I wanted to talk about... the "we" thing.

Bunny: Huh?

Batman: I think it's time-- That is, I think I need to go it alone again.

Bunny: But we're a team!

Batman: Yeah, well, see, I don't do the team thing well.

Bunny: Oh. Like the Justice League, the Outsiders, the various Robins and Batgirl, Superman, the Super Friends...

Batman: Ouch. Sore point.

Bunny: Sorry.

Batman: It's just--- Look, you're a giant fluffy anthropomorphic pink and yellow bunny rabbit.

Bunny: I am what I am.

Batman: It's just hard to be a grim avenger of the night with a big bunny rabbit next to me.

Bunny: So you're upset about your image!

Batman: Nooooooooyeah.

Bunny: I can be grim!

Batman: Cannot.

Bunny: Sure! I'll get a cape! They'll call me... Dark Bunny.

Batman: I'm sorry, Bunny. No.

Bunny: Great. I just got fired by Batman.

Batman: Bunny, look... Let me get in touch with Wonder Woman. She has lots of experience with mythical creatures and exotic animals...

Bunny: Is that some kind of a crack?

Batman: I think she's more partner material for you.

Bunny: And because she's a girl, she'll like the big bunny.

Batman: Kinda.

Bunny: All right, I'm outta here. You fight Killer Moth on your own next time.

Batman: Now, no pouting, Bunny. We talked about this. There's no pouting in crime fighting.

Bunny: I'll pout if I want to! You're not the pointy-eared boss of me anymore, pal.

Batman: I'm sorry, Bunny. I'll be glad to write you a recommendation.

Bunny: Sure, fine. I was thinking about going to New York anyway. A guy out there was looking for help.

Batman: Well... that's great. Good luck in the Big Apple.


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