Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017, man.

I'm ready to give up on 2017 already. If we can be this miserable with all the blessings we have in this nation now, then I don't see what we can dream about in 2017 that will make us happier.

Seriously, what do we hope for? If we say "An end to all war and poverty and racism and unfairness" we must be hoping to die and go to heaven, because that's not how things work down here. We can't even stop fighting with members of our family or the people next door or the schmuck in line at the supermarket and we expect nations to stop fighting? Please.

Many of our problems stem from willful stupidity, and I don't see that going away next year either. Here's an example.

I noted yesterday that I didn't think the spate of celebrity passings made 2016 a particularly horrific year. For me, on that note, 2015 was much worse, as I lost nine friends. If I lived in a war zone or maybe the Villages, I could expect all those wakes and funerals, but I don't. (This year, by contrast, I had but one wake to attend.) One of the friends I buried in 2015 was a young man whose life was cut short by alcohol and drugs.

Now, how do you suppose some friends of that young man chose to pay tribute to him online the other day?

The world is full of idiots, and all of us can be stupid at some times about some things. Let us pray that in 2017 our lapses in judgment, which may be inevitable, will not be disastrous or cruel. 

Happy new year to you and yours. 

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