Monday, December 5, 2016

Holiday limericks.

Six famous holiday songs, rendered as limericks. 

Frosty the snowman was fat
Came to life when he put on a hat
"Let us run! Let us play!
For the heat of the day
Will soon make me a ten-gallon splat!"

Sleigh bells ringle and tingle and stuff
Lovely weather to ride through this puff
Grooving with Farmer Gray
At the end of the day
Is all Currier-Ives kind of fluff

With thadneth I write this epithtle
For Christmath I with I could whithtle
Without two front teeth
I can't with you peath
Or thay "Thusie thits on a thithle"

Oh the weather is starting to blow
But there's no place that we need to go
Out there it all bites
But the fire delights
Let it snow let it snow let it snow

"You really had better just come
And yes, you can carry your drum"
He was there on the hay
So I started to play

Rudolph the freaky young deer
Had these nostrils that caused rampant fear
But then Santa the geezer
Said "Light up that beezer
Let's deliver some holiday cheer."

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