Thursday, July 2, 2015

On HGTV: The Property Pups.

[Property Puppies on HGTV features litter mates Jocko and Duke, who make over houses each week for lucky canine homeowners.]


Season 5, Episode 3: Wolfgang & Aurora

[Reveal scene]

Duke: And here is your fabulous new kitchen.

Aurora: Omigod! It's just what I always wanted!

Wolfgang: Wow!

Jocko: You see we ripped down the dividing wall to open the space up, then we replaced the slick tile with roughed-up hardwood so your nails can get a grip.

Wolfgang: Boy, I sure hate running in to dinner and flying into the cabinets.

Jocko: Not a problem now.

Aurora: I love the barn door!

Wolfgang: Me too! I was raised in a barn! Really!

Duke: Us too!

Wolfgang: And that bag, that comes with the kitchen?

Jocko: Yes, we replaced the old sink and oven with a ripped-open 40-pound sack of kibble and a continuous water feature. You'll have to replace the bag every now and then.

Aurora: Every couple of days, the way he eats!


Wolfgang: Hey, let's have a little bite right now!

Duke: Not right now! We have to go look at your master bedroom!

[in bedroom]

Aurora: I LOVE it! Look at those beds!

Wolfgang: Comfy.

Jocko: We pulled up the old carpet and ripped down the wallpaper, then added two dog beds. Quick fix and under budget.

Aurora: And these beds are machine washable?

Duke: Yep, never have to use the vacuum cleaner on them.

Everyone: YAY!

Duke: Let's have a look at the master bathroom.

[in bathroom]

Aurora: Oh, my gosh, it is HUGE!

Jocko: Yes, this half acre of nature was the backyard, but we repurposed it into the master bath by tearing down the deck and adding some trees, a wading pool... and that's pretty much it.

Wolfgang: This is awesome. No bathtub?

Jocko: No.

Everyone: YAY!

Duke: We'll leave you two to get settled into your new home.

Aurora: You guys are the greatest!

Jocko: Good luck with your litter!

[Duke and Jocko outside]

Jocko: Well, that went pretty well. All that work and I didn't muss a hair.

Duke: Except for that cowlick.

Jocko: That's not a cowlick, that was from Mom.

Duke: Mom always licked you best.

[credits, promo]

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