Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Movie cereals.

I know, I know; I had a coupon, all right? And it was doubled by the supermarket. Do I make fun of what you eat?

Okay, let's see what it looks like out of the box...

Fairly typical General Mills cereal, I'd say. Crispy things with marshmallowy things.

Let's see what GM has to say about this:

"'The ideas stemmed from our team’s desire to bring even more fun to the cereal aisle,' says Alan Cunningham, innovation marketing manager. 'Star Wars is as big as it gets and continues to thrive in appeal to fans young and old.'”

Fun! The boxes are out in Darth Vader and Yoda versions now, R2D2 and Storm Troopers next year. No actual actors' faces, which would require money changing hands.

General Mills has been touting its sugar reduction program, but this stuff still kind of tastes like Froot Loops. I don't know if that's a win for the flavor scientists or a reflection of how little they've really accomplished.

Let's have a look at those shapes:

Okay... This is all I could find, but there were more on the box. Looks like we have a TIE fighter and maybe an X-Wing in the top row... A couple of ice cream cones fighting as if they were light sabres, and an AT-AT Walker in the second... a Storm Trooper, a... Yoda head? And obviously that last shape is a combination of Pinky and Inky from Pac-Man.

Well, it was all right, but I know I'm not the target demo. Still, cereals like this never really were super awesome. If you didn't know what these shapes were supposed to be, you'd be nearly indifferent. Especially with less sugar.

And no secret toy surprise. Really, might as well just eat Grape Nuts.

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