Thursday, July 16, 2015

iPromise iFulfilled.

I said the other day that the new novel, MacFinster II: MacFinster's Folly would be available soon on iBooks for your Mac stuff (iPad, iPhone, iVacuum, iBowlingball, etc.), and I was right! In fact, it is up now, sooner than I expected.

Here is the direct link. Or, you can search for "MacFinster" or "Frederick Key" on the iBooks app.

Please do. I will be crushingly grateful. I will embarrass you with my gratitude. I will come to your house and walk your dog. I will do your grocery run for you. If you buy it and like it and write me a good review, I will take your car for an oil change. I will drop off your laundry at the cleaner's. (I'd wash it myself, but that might seem a little weird, wouldn't it?) I will spend an hour with your elderly grandpa at the home, and if you want I will disguise myself as you. I will casually mention to your boss that you're the bestest ever and deserve a humongous raise. I will give you my bottle cap collection. I will cut your lawn with my own lawn mower, using my own gas. I will bring you candy. I will make you a nice casserole. I will teach your children arts and crafts so they will spend hours gluing things and give you a little peace. I will come to your house and walk your cat.

No, I'm absolutely non-desperate, thanks for asking!

It's always exciting and nerve-racking---are these things ever exclusive? Maybe not after a certain age---to launch a little book boat on the waters of public opinion. Once it is out there, you can't do anything more with it. It has to go out and make its own fortunes. You may think it's the greatest thing since buttered toast, but if no one comes across it, it might as well be moldy bread. I think that's about as many metaphors as I've ever mixed for anything in one paragraph in my life.

I guess I mean to say, I love this book and I hope you will give it a try, and I hope you will love it too. What more need be said?

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