Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lazy bags.

The lovely and talented Mrs. Key wanted to pack up some beautiful baby clothes for a baby (well, for the baby's parents, who would at a suitable time stuff the baby into them), and to that end wanted a nice shirt box and some wrapping paper. Hubby to the rescue!


Four stores later I'd seen plenty of bags. Bags, bags, bags, bags. Bags to shove birthday presents in. Bags to shove wedding presents in. Bags to shove Just Because presents in. Bags small enough for a charm, large enough for a full-grown medium dog. Bags for every occasion. Boxes for none.

What the hell?

Is that all anyone does anymore? Ball up your gift, chuck it in a sack, and cover it with tissue paper? Some of the four stores also had gift wrapping paper, but I don't know why. If you can't box it, you can't properly wrap it. If it comes in a box (say, you're buying someone the game of Monopoly as a wedding gift in hopes it will cause them to divorce), you can just find a big enough bag to throw it in. God knows there are enough of those. has a few.
It just seems like we're getting a little lazy here. Twenty years ago we were making fun of the Martha Stewart types who were nesting presents in handwoven raffia, wrapping them with hand-stamped paper; now we can't pack a shirt box?

(Not that I'm not lazy; the wife's present is being shipped, though, and packing a gift bag always ensures the gift will look like crap when it gets where it's going.)

I don't know. Sloth is a deadly sin, and we need to pull up our socks and make the effort. Avoid the bag trap! Wrap your gifts!

Or just send a gift card and the hell with it. Gifts are a lot of work, you know.

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