Sunday, May 14, 2017

L'art du tennis: edition puppi.

We're all getting ready for the French Open starting on May 22. I suppose that statement would be true if we actually were getting ready for the French Open. We are actually watching the Mets getting clobbered by mediocre teams and getting rained on. We have nothing against tennis but we've never followed the game.

The little dog, Nipper, seems to be a fan of tennis, or at least tennis balls. His favorite toys are tennis balls, especially the ones made for dogs that can squeak. He will chase one anywhere. He will catch it and try to kill it and strip it of its pelt. He's a real artist at work. And I'm not just talking about his perky tennis-ball-fuzz-colored poop.

Here are some of his works, which I think the French might want to hang in that Louvre thing they have. Contact me about fees, French people; I am quite reasonable.

"Eye of the Beholder"

"The Comet"
"Pi├Ęge de sable"

"The Scream"

"The Treachery of Tennis Images"
Coming in July: Frisbee exhibit.

"Il ne Volera Pas"

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