Monday, August 1, 2016

Ultimate Masher!

I have this potato masher by Zyliss that feels inappropriately powerful.

Zyliss makes big, potent kitchen utensils. I got this weapon as a freebie when I was working at a magazine. It has an ergonomically designed handle, engineered for leverage, a stainless steel wire end, and weighs half a pound. While it can mash four or five little red potatoes, I always feel like it's only happy if it can mash a five-pound sack at a time.

I am told that people who make ground-meat jerky often use a potato masher to blend seasonings into the meat. So this potato masher could be exactly the right thing for the job. I mean, mashing a potato may not take pumped-up hand tools, but mashing a cow...

The one downside I have is that its sheer size makes it virtually impossible to store in a drawer, or a Big Mug o' Kitchen Tools, where I keep most of my cooking stuff. I actually have to store it in a closet.

And maybe that's why, despite being the Masher of Odin, a wonder-tool, a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe tool, a magna potentia tool, Zyliss has listed it in Clearance---and actually out of stock. Get one from Amazon while you can! Demand that Zyliss de-clearance it! You have the POWAAAAHH!

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