Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Jaw remains in place.

Clickbait seems to run in seasons. Apparently in spring, there were so many jaws dropping in front of the world's computers that the oral and maxillofacial surgeons must have been minting money. 

I have no idea how jaw-dropping anyone is. I never clicked on any of them. (Sorry, Marcia Brady.)

I hate those clickbait sites. First of all, I hate celebrity culture, which is destroying America more certainly than our Islamist enemies could ever hope to do. Just look at the Republican nominee, or ask a supporter of the Democratic nominee to name any of her accomplishments. We've elevated two creeps because they are famous. Hooray for us.

And clickbait type sites are useless garbage piles of ads and autoplay; you can't even get to what you wanted to see when you succumb to temptation.

When some gimmick works, like the "jaw dropping" meme, I guess they all jump on. Perhaps they have limited English, so they just copy what they read on competing Internet swamp ads.

Hey, it could be worse. They seem to know what the people want to see. "What Marilyn Monroe looks like now is jaw-dropping!" would probably be true, but not too appealing.

Now that we're past all the droppage of jaws, we're seem to have moved on to celebs of the past looking fabulous wonderful incredible and so on.

Nothing against Barbara Eden, but I shall not click! I don't care if she looks as beautiful as ever, or if age has turned her into a ringer for Nancy Pelosi; my finger will not click, my jaw will remain in place.

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