Monday, August 29, 2016

Chex that box.

Dateline: August 25.

Bought a box of good ol' Corn Chex from the supermarket. Brought it home. Was putting it away. Then I saw the back.

Now, look, General Mills, I know that the cereal in the box has a sell-by date well beyond New Year's 2017. But still--you put this box on the shelves in August. August, General Mills.

You may protest. You may say, "We just said to sweeten up the season. We didn't say which one. It's not like it's covered in tinsel and snowmen."

To which I reply: Ha ha! People in cozy pajamas, red and blue-green text, and an overall white frosted look = Christmas. You jumped right over Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, General Mills. None of those holidays have anything to do with cozy mornings indoors in pajamas eating Chex Muddy Buddies. You're being disingenuous here, General Mills. You'll have us burned out on Christmas before summer even ends.

I'm used to being disappointed in the latter half of the year's retail race from holiday to holiday, as if it's a frantic scavenger hunt we have to win. I've been seeing Halloween stuff since the end of July. But this!

It's greed, General Mills. Greed.

You may say that it's just the back of the box; the front has no seasonal design. And you'd be right. But it's still there.

Turn your box to the wall in shame, General Mills, and your faces too, while you're at it. Next year wait until the end of September before you go Christmas on us.

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