Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super flakes.

Last month I reviewed the Batman cereal, tied in with the upcoming film Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. It actually took me a while to find the Superman cereal so I could compare. Should have known Walmart would have it.

These are not the first battling breakfast cereals by any means. We all are aware of the endless war between Count Chocula and Franken Berry. But these Justice League cereals aren't even the first to pit a human against an alien. Those would be Quisp and Quake.

The difference here is that Quisp and Quake were identical cereals in different shapes, while Batman and Superman have different shapes and flavors. Batman has bat shapes with chocolate and strawberry, while Superman is "caramel crunch" in the shape of the S shield on his chest. (Which stands for Superman, never mind what lame Kryptonian excuse he makes.)

Superman certainly has the longest relationship with cereal of any superhero. Superman debuted in 1938, and according to Gary Grossman's classic book, Superman: Serial to Cereal, the Superman radio show premiered just two years later:
The radio show brought together two longtime business partners, Superman and Kellogg's. It was a profitable relationship that lasted until 1957, when production on the television series ended. For years, Superman and the breakfast foods were inseparable. Characters from the cast peddled Corn Flakes moments after being saved from an almost certain demise.
On radio, Jimmy Olsen chimed:
Hep Hep Kellogg's Pep
Keep in Tune
Keep in Shape
With Kellogg's Pep

What's the Superman cereal like? Sure enough, it tastes like caramel, but not an in-your-face burnt caramel. Mild and pleasant, and not tooth-achingly sweet. Caramel seems to be important once again; witness Hershey's new dedication to Milton's original candy, and the new Pop-Tart flavor Chocolatey Caramel. Superman is right on that bandwagon.

Which is better? Although I didn't have any Batman cereal left to do a head-to-head test, I am able to say that I personally prefer the Superman cereal. The strawberry-chocolate combo is not one I swoon for, but I've always loved caramel, and I think that gave Supes the edge. Just a personal preference, not a judgment.

But who had the best review? A friend brought to my attention a remark from Facebook by one Rudy Vucelich, who reviewed the cereals and said, "My local grocery store didn't have any of the Superman cereal left. Also, the Batman cereal has a bitter, chemical taste to it. The Superman is much more delicious. Guess that's settled then..."

To which his comrade, Brian Pittman, replied, "Batman's cereal is just bitter because his PARENTS ARE DEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAD!!!"

Almost made me want to join Facebook.

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