Monday, February 22, 2016


I have a favor to ask you. Hey, don't run off! How much do I really ask from you, huh?

Oh, THAT much?

Well, this one won't cost you anything.


And it's really passing on a favor, in a way.

A friend of mine has written a socko book for middle grade kids and up, and has entered it in the Amazon Kindle Scout competition, and he needs your vote. Here is the link. 

And here is the book:

And the description: "Quentin is a typical kid, with one difference. Somehow, without knowing how, he always knows what he’s going to need…but not always why. It’s a bizarre and secret superpower, and it doesn’t always act in his favor. Quentin gets caught up in a 50-year-old mystery involving a bank robbery and missing loot—loot that other people may want to find, and by any means necessary. When Quentin's friends go missing, can he find what he needs to save the day? And if he does, will he know how to use it?"

I'm not sure how the competition works, but apparently you need a bunch of votes to get Amazon to consider publishing you, with the mighty resources of Amazon behind you. So I guess it's pretty good.

The problem is, turning it into a popularity contest in this way just means the cheerleader who can't write a coherent shopping list might win, when a talented writer does not. Not that the cheerleader's friends would actually buy or read the book, as it would involved buying and reading. But Amazon doesn't know that. They just think an awful lot of people seem keen on this blonde author; let's sign her up!

Meanwhile, my pal, a decent enough sort who couldn't cheer a hamster on a wheel, lurks in the shadows, a broken man.

You can make the difference! Vote for his book. You just have to be a registered Amazon user, which of course you are. And a kind and discrimination person, which you naturally are. (Good lookin', too!)

If you can help my buddy, I thank you. If enough people get excited about his book, maybe we can get him to come out from behind the sofa. We need to vacuum back there.

Please, I'm counting of you. The pretzel crumbs are attracting mice.

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