Saturday, February 6, 2016

Inappropriate treats.

These popped up at a meeting I attended recently:

The package was new and unopened, until we tore into it headlong. So, how're YOUR New Year's resolutions working out?

JC's makes all kinds of pie-like treats, as seen on the company Web site. I don't think they make actual pies, but they make pie pops (frozen pie-inspired pops) and these pie bites, or pie-inspired truffles. The bites are available as turtle (caramel chocolate), s'mores, and so on; seasonally, the above white chocolate peppermint. So whoever catered the meeting was buying off the out-of-season discount rack. "Tis the Season" says the package; "Twas the Season," anyway, at this point.

And that's the funny thing---one bite of the truffle and I felt it was all wrong. The peppermint was as out of date as a leisure suit. I was astonished at the inappropriateness of the treat, more than a month after Christmas. Pumpkin would have been less weird; that will be around again in nine months, not eleven.

It's odd, how off the truffles were. It wasn't that they had passed their sell-by date. These things keep, and they come in an air-tight package, too. And it's not like we're beyond the trappings of Christmas, which in the secular sense include snow, always snow---we had snow yesterday and maybe more coming next week. But that peppermint and white chocolate combo was like a relative that had come for Christmas and was determined to hang around until hog-brandin' time.

All that said, the truffle was pretty good. Very sweet, of course, but that didn't seem to slow anyone down. Resolutions be damned---it'll be Valentine's Day in a week or so, and that's another avalanche of chocolate and calories anyhow.

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