Thursday, January 15, 2015

Peeps Mini review, part 1.

Or really part 2, since I reviewed the chocolate Peeps Minis way back in September. Now we have the others.

I know, plunging into the world of candy reviews seems to contradict my resolution to cut down on the sugar, but I said cut down, not out. Besides, this is for the sake of you, the reader. My public. Besides, Mrs. Key was willing to  help out.

Today we present the review for the Sour Watermelon flavored Mini Peep, which, like most "watermelon" candy, features flavor and color found nowhere in nature, or at least nowhere near an actual watermelon.

Kind of smushed li'l Peep.
They were a bit sour, but not eye-wateringly sour like Skittles Sour. "Cool, for a sour marshmallow," was Mrs. Key's judgement, and I would agree. I thought they would be more Jolly Ranchery. Only Mellow Ranchery. As with the chocolate ones, I was vaguely disappointed. Then again, at just 13 calories each, I can stand to be a little disappointed.

As I noted before, in real life marshmallows are never sour, but when you're Just Born, the Peeps peeps, you can do these things. Except not really, and maybe still not all that well.

Tomorrow we'll have a look at the Strawberry Crème Peeps Minis. Wish us luck!

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