Friday, January 16, 2015

Peeps Mini review, part 2.

Today we tackle the Strawberry Crème Peep Mini. Right off the bat we're annoyed, because Blogger sucks with the special characters and you have to use an accent grave for Crème. 

Another squashed li'l Peep.
It has a mellow flavor, and being one we associate with sweetness, it went better with the marshmallow than the Sour Watermelon flavor, I thought. Mrs. Key thought it was roagy. Maybe even grody. Of course it was totally bogus strawberry flavor, like the stuff Starburst takes out of Strawberri Tank #5 or something, but artificial flavors have never shown any evidence of killing anything but taste. 

I noted that this Peep is 14 calories, as opposed to the 13 from the Sour Watermelon, and Mrs. Key accused be of being a lardbutt for preferring the more caloric Peep. So sue me. 

Now I must confess I bought these Peeps Minis from the supermarket's discount (or clearance) shelf, having not even found both flavors on sale together in the eight months they've been out. They just don't seem to be catching on. And there's a fourth flavor, Vanilla Crème, that I've never seen at all. I think it was a late release---there were only chocolate, watermelon, and strawberry mentioned in the original campaign. 

Should I find the vanilla one I will duly buy it and review it, out of a sense of completion and obligation. And because I like to eat sugar. 

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