Tuesday, January 20, 2015

More sugar.

The continuing taste test of things I should not be eating:

The Boyer Candy classic: Mallo Cups! (Sorry the corner got ripped off before the picture was taken; the eagerness of our reviewer was so strong he could barely be restrained. Plus I forgot.)

The Mallo Cup is one of those candies that you're almost surprised to see when it pops up: That's still around? Like the Charleston Chew or the Mary Jane. Candies from your grandmother's day. There's nothing wrong with them. I mean, yes, they're bad for you, but I mean they're not worse than the popular candies from Mars or Nestle or Hershey or Cadbury or any of that crowd. But they have nowhere near the distribution. Before Hershey bought Jolly Rancher, that brand was stagnating; when I was a kid they were considered grandma candies too, like Werther's Original (which is wise to play off that in its advertising).

It's true that some tastes have changed in candy over the last century, though. Licorice is not nearly as popular as it once was. Butterscotch is a shadow of its former self. Molasses candy is too bitter for most kids. But the Mallo Cup has good milk chocolate, a perfectly acceptable---and very, very sweet---marshmallow center, and the addition of coconut, which does little for me but is certainly a fave with your Mounds/Almond Joy/Zagnut/Bounty fans. I liked it.

Boyer (all kosher!) also makes other products that include a dark chocolate Mallo Cup, a peanut butter cup, and a butterscotch covered peanut butter cup called a Smoothie, which I figure will be either the most horrible food in the world or cure cancer. Probably somewhere in between. If I should spot one, you know I'll risk my health to bring you my review. I'm eager that way.

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