Monday, January 12, 2015

Yep, still taking down decorations.

Don't judge me!

If you put up Christmas decorations with care, effort, and consideration, it takes time to put them up and time take them back down.

After Christmas, it's just an ol' sock.

It does take less time to take decorations down than to put them up, but since there's no fun in the job and no sense of urgency, it still feels like it takes forever. Also, playing Christmas carols can keep your energy up while putting decorations up, but what do you play when you take them down? Downers?

What we need is a raft of post-Christmas songs. Now, I'm not much of a poet (as readers of this blog will admit as they wince) and I'm certainly no musician, so I shall not write the songs. I'm more of an ideas man. So I have some suggestions for post-Christmas songs that will help us get the de-decorating done:

  • "(I'm Dreaming of a) White Sale"
  • "Another Frigging Chipmunk Song"
  • "Happy New Year (War Is Back On!)"
  • "Do They Know It's January 12th, Either?"
  • "The 353 Days Not of Christmas"
  • "Holly Jolly Monday"
  • "Frosty the Solid Man-Shaped Ice Block"
  • "(Walkin' in a) Winter Land"
  • "It's Not the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Anymore (Sucks to Be Us)"
  • "Santa Claus Is Goin' Home for Now But He's Still Watching"
  • "Baby It's Even Colder Outside Now"
  • "All I Want for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Is You"
  • "(Simply Having) Mediocre mid-January"
  • "Grandma Got Run Over by a Groundhog, Too"
  • "Little Drummer Boy Arrested as a Public Nuisance"
  • "I Really Did Get Nuttin' for Christmas"
  • "Have Yourself a Thrilling Little Presidents Day"

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