Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The latest in the Adventures of Crep I Should Not Eat:

The clever folks at Just Born are very eager these days to make Peeps part of your daily snacking. Peeps aren't just for the Easter Bunny anymore.

Those little marshmallow chicks have been Easter treats since 1953. Then they started making marshmallow treats for other holidays, like Halloween and Christmas---the chocolate-covered marshmallow Christmas trees were particularly bodacious, by the way, and that's coming from a guy who never much cared for Mallomars. This year I spotted Fourth of July Peeps. But now, like Just Born's other treats (Mike & Ike, Hot Tamales, Goldenberg's Peanut Chews, et al) we are meant to love the Peep every day of the year.

Let's get a couple of the little fellas out of the bag and have a look.

Just a couple of chocolate-flavored Peeps, out to change the world.

My review: Eh, not so spectacular. The chocolate flavor is hardly there. The marshmallow is okay, as it always is, but what is marshmallow but sugar? And these have a little crystallized sugar on the outside as well, but I think not as much as a regular Peep. Also, being sold in bags, they get a little squashed. You note that regular Peeps always come in cartons to retain that Peep integrity.

On the whole a bit disappointing. Will probably try the other flavors---Strawberry Crème and Sour Watermelon (!)---because of my spirit of adventure, my hopeless addiction to sugar, and the What the hell? factor that can only come from a sour watermelon marshmallow*. Further reports to come, no doubt, and aren't you all thrilled?

* In real life, watermelon is either sweet or tasteless, but never sour unless you pickle it or you live in Jolly Rancher Land.

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