Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Secrets of Septuagesimo Uno...revealed!

In May I passed by the smallest park in Manhattan, a "pocket park" called Septuagesimo Uno---Latin for 71, as the park is located within a block on West 71st Street. At the time of my passing it was locked up with a chain to keep it from being stolen. No, silly, it was locked up to keep out the overnight vagrants and wilding packs of teens. Well, maybe a wilding teen; it is very small.

The other morning it was open, and I slipped in with my trusty secret phone camera. Behold: Secrets of Septuagesimo Uno...revealed!
The winding path...
...hits the wall about half a block in.
Nice plants. Good thing the fence is there.
The view from the back.

Well, starting to get claustrophobic. Time to go.
Actually, I quite like the little park, although it really would feel crowded if more than two people were in it. Little treats like this delight children, jaded city dwellers, and people like me. The squirrels just make fun, though. Squirrels are jerks.

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