Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Queen.

The queen sat in her palace
As her subjects gathered near
Her plans for subjugation
Of all the land to hear

As morning sun first slivered
Through the sky to call the day
Sent forth the queen her soldiers
To seek and find and slay

One by one they left the palace
With but two things on their minds
To build upon the structure
And to strike all they might find

She smiled as she watched them
Armed as they took flight
Happy for their cruelty
And eager for their fight

How great the royal family!
How great her castle vast!
How greater soon it would become
The epoch it would last!

All would fall beneath her sway!
Resistance soon would fall!
All would fear her army
And her shadow cover all!

I saw the wasps fly from the hole
I went to get the Raid
The wicked subterraneans
I well and truly sprayed

At last I took a hefty brick
And laid it on the room
And sealed the queen of all her fief
Within her poisoned tomb.

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