Monday, July 10, 2017

Another fine Mets.

It's that time of year again -- the All-Star Break, when we all pretty much ignore the All-Star Game and watch the Mets sink into the morass of hopelessness once again. 

The only reason the Mets' record isn't much worse than 39-47 is that the National League East is so weak. The NL East's collective record is 203-232 as of this morning. It's why Washington trumpets into the postseason and then gets hammered  -- they've been getting fat on bad teams.

The injury bug has not just bitten the Mets this year, it's sucked them dry. To give you an idea how bad it is, there is only one member of the Mets going to the All-Star Game, Michael Conforto -- and he just came off the DL, so we may not see him play. And if he does, maybe he'll get hurt again!

All those hotshot Mets pitchers, the most feared lineup in baseball? Syndergaard, Harvey, Wheeler, deGrom, Gsellman, Matz? All hurt or just back from being hurt. Other guys who have been brutalized this season already include Lagares, Walker, Smoker, Nimmo, Flores, Duda, Lugo, d'Arnaud, Milone, Cabrera, closer Jeurys Familia, star Yoenis Cespedes, and fan fave David Wright (yet to get one at-bat this year, who played just 75 all of 2015 and 2016 combined).

I've seen seasons where the team has had a lot of injuries, but this is insane. Maybe if it were the 1347 Yorke Mettes, and the lineup was devastated by the bubonic plague, it would be understandable.

It makes me wonder if we should trade for a new training staff. Seriously, what are these trainers and coaches doing, rubbing dirt on everything?

"His bone's sticking out of his forearm." 

"Have him go another couple innings; the bullpen's exhausted."

This is not the first time the Mets medical staff has been questioned. When first baseman Ike Davis suffered a rolled ankle in a collision in 2011, that was it for the season -- he's never been quite the same since. The Cubs' Kris Bryant had a similar injury a few weeks ago and he's day-to-day now, not laid up until 2018. Was Ike hurt worse or did his medical care consist of leeches and mustard plasters?

When riding subways or driving around the New York Metro area, you often see posters for hospitals and special care centers. They might feature a picture of a well-known member of a team, with a tag like, "When the New York Bagelchompers need the finest healthcare to keep their players in top condition, they go to the Manhattan Mormon Medical Center." If I were the hospital that looks after the Mets, I would rip the posters down, fast.

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