Thursday, August 11, 2016

What if we HATE your kids?

I hate this sign in both directions:

From one direction, I hate the fact that this is considered necessary. It's posted on a road with no speed limit visible, which means that the limit is the general town limit of 30. I also happen to know that it's at the bottom of a long stretch with no lights or stop signs, so assholes (bad word alert!) (oops! too late!) like to roar down it at much higher speeds. It's an alternate route to the parallel main road, where cops may often be found. Here, cops are seldom found, but they will put in an appearance once in a while if a resident asks them. So yes, I hate the fact that people drive like lunatics on quiet residential streets.

On the other hand, I hate most of the words on this sign. "Slow" is subjective---to the asshole doing 70, 60 is slow. And does this sign imply that it would be okay for me to drive like Speed Racer on Benzedrine if you hated your children? How about if you are mildly indifferent to your children? And what if you love your children but they've grown up and moved to Fargo. What then?

I dislike it because it's smug, whiny, and passive-aggressive.

Meanwhile, on another street, someone has gone aggressive-aggressive. I couldn't get a picture of the homemade sign, but it says something like "SLOW DOWN! CHILDREN! 20 MPH!"

But that's also a 30 mph zone. You're not allowed to make your own speed limits.

Not sure what else to say about this. Horrible things happen when little kids accidentally go into traffic and cars are going too fast to stop. Horrible things happen when cars are going too fast and drivers lose control. People shouldn't drive too fast. Parents shouldn't let their small children play near traffic unattended. We all want cars. No one wants to drive 5 miles an hour, but that would undoubtedly reduce all auto fatalities.

How about we try this first: Let's just follow the rules and suggestions we were taught when we were trying to get our driver's licenses in the first place. Maybe that would help.

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