Wednesday, August 3, 2016

That's what they WANT you to think.

I worked on a book a while back by a conspiracy theorist par excellence.

Really, this guy believed it all. Fluoride was in the water to make us docile and compliant. Airplanes spread "chemtrails" to geoengineer us and the environment. Vaccines were useless, unless you consider making us sick or autistic or sterile a worthwhile goal. Mercury was included in amalgam fillings to weaken us. The United States caused the 9/11 attacks. Food companies were poisoning us on purpose. People who fought the system disappeared, or died in convenient airplane crashes (presumably ones that weren't performing scheduled chemtrail dispersion).

I really don't think there is a proposed conspiracy out there that he wouldn't believe, as long as it suggested the work of shadowy, nefarious evildoers.

Don't ask me why he was able to find a publisher. I got roped into it by the editor sort of leaving out key information. "Oh, it's an alt medicine book" was how it was described.

Well, okay, take some garlic and St. John's wort. How crazy could it be?

Pretty crazy.

This is "alt medicine" like the Khmer Rouge was "alt government."

Ultimately you cannot believe all the things this author believes without coming to some pretty alarming conclusions, and he got there all right---the population is being set up for a major cull by people who want to completely control the remaining sheeplike herds.

The worst thing was, the author was not stupid, and had a lot of well-sourced material for claims about science. He also had a lot of crackpot sources mixed in. It was a barrage of information, sneaking lunacy and bad science in under the cover of clarity.

It was the worst kind of fabrication. He engaged in exactly the same kind of cherry-picking that his secret enemies in the science world supposedly engaged in. If a journal backed him up, it was a solid source; when the same journal had contrary evidence, it was the butt-boy of Big Pharma. Everyone who disagreed with him was getting rich by those who were getting rich by making us sick.

I think the guy is sincere; I just think he started to go off the deep end and never said, "Hey, is this crazy?" He went straight to, "The whole world is crazy, which is why I only SEEM crazy to the world!"

You know who else says that? CRAZY PEOPLE.

The book didn't mention Kennedy or UFOs. Maybe the next book.

I will say this: If he's right, he's targeted for death by now. And if I got stuck in the seat next to him on a cross-country flight, I think I'd be praying for one of those convenient airplane crashes.

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