Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Packaging issues.

A couple of What-The-Heck moments in the world of food packaging:

Concealed within a 2-pack of Ritz Peanut Butter Cracker Sandwiches (8 ct. ea.), we discovered that one of the 8 ct. ea. packs was actually a 7 ct. ea. pack. The photo above shows the pack before the plastic wrap was pierced. Ritz is holding out on us! Dude, WTF?

Someone obviously slipped up. The 2-pack is opaque, and so quality inspectors would not have been able to see how many sandwich packs were inside as it left the factory. Maybe another consumer got a 9 ct. ea. pack, although I'm not sure how a ninth pack (6 cracker sandwiches ea.) would have fit in there.

C'mon, Ritz. You owe me.

At least that was most likely an honest mistake. This is malfeasance on purpose:

Why are Elsa and Anna from Disney's Frozen on a can of Green Giant corn?

They have nothing to do with the product. There are no Olaf-shaped kernels inside. There's no Frozen-related special offer. There's no recipe for iced corn. It's not a special collector's edition. There's nothing else about the film on the can except that picture and logo.

I might have even excused it if it were on the frozen corn rather than the canned.

Was this some stupid idea for getting children to demand corn? Some kind of Dada project? How much did Disney make off this can for doing nothing?

Miscounted sandwich crackers, boneheaded labeling... Our supermarkets are hovering near anarchy, people! Demand reason and accountability!

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