Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rainy days and Thursdays.

A rainy spring day is not too depressing. Day 5 of rain begins to bring me down.

We had very little snow over the winter, so I know we need it... But of course, if I'd wanted to live in Portland, Oregon, I would have moved there.* Remind me never to move anyplace that has "Monsoon Season" written on the calendar.

That said, I would probably be in a lousy mood anyway. While trying to give my career a kickstart, I seem to have instead gotten a kick in the pants, which is very disappointing. In fact, due to the circumstances, it was painfully discouraging. That's a story for another time. Or maybe never. Maybe I'll look back on it and chuckle in a few years. Maybe I'll look back on it and shake my fists and say WHY WHY WHY as bitter tears roll down my ashen face. Well, could go either way.

Now the dog is acting up again too. He got hold of something terrible. I mean, of course, wet food. Yep, some fool fed him the canned stuff. How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm after they've seen Paree, huh? So we're trying to get him back on the bagged stuff, and he's gone on hunger strike. If he thinks he's winning this one, he does not know my wife very well.

What's that? The election? Hey, if America is so addicted to celebrity ("I know him from TV! He must be awesome!") and stunt casting ("Oooh, a woman! We haven't tried one of them yet!") that it has lost its ability to make sober judgment, then it deserves what it gets.**

But really, I think a little sunshine would make all these problems more bearable. Then I look on the weather app and see no sun icon until Monday. And guess what is shown for Tuesday and Wednesday?


* Dear Oregonians: I know that Portland is not actually the rainiest city in the nation, and neither is Seattle; while the Pacific Northwest has some of the wettest places in the country, the wettest cities are actually in the Southeast -- New Orleans, Miami, Atlanta, and so on. Even Northeastern cities like New York and Hartford get more rain than Portland or Seattle. But you guys got the rep.

** And yes, the Old Man Yelling at Cloud is still in the running, I know. Come to think of it, I may have more in common with him than I thought. 

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