Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day and stuff.

Yesterday the sun tried to make an appearance after a solid week of rain.

Well, guess what's happening now (Sunday morning)?

Too bad for our local mothers, who might have wanted an al fresco brunch or something -- not a great day for it. What it is a great day for are the weeds and mushrooms, which are enjoying this weather far more than my sad little blades of grass. When did we decide that a lawnful of grass was what looked great around the house? Floral evolution suggests we may have picked a losing battle on that one.

Still, whether the weather is cloudy or bright wherever you are, we offer our Salute to Moms this Mother's Day. Moms, we salute you!

Deedle dee deet dee deeeeee!!

Google had a pretty cute illustration for Mother's Day, but I liked last year's animation better:

My mom has passed on now some time ago, and when I think of her, which I do every day, I often wish life had been kinder to her. And when I say "life" I also mean "her children." Too soon old, too late smart, they say, and possibly in no area more than in appreciation of your parents.

To quote the late Lewis Grizzard, don't forget to call your mama... I wish I could call mine.

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