Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Geek mall.

I get e-mails and occasional catalogs from, an excellent site to buy things for people who are geeks and refuse to grow up.

If they'd had this when I was a kid, I'd have never had any money ever. Come to think of it, I never did have any money ever, but I would have been saving any money I did get to blow it on Think Geek. 

For example, you never knew that you needed silver Batman cuff links, but you will now:

So do I, although dapper as I am, I do not even own a shirt that can take cuff links. However, were I to be a member of a geek wedding party -- a generous one, as these are $50 -- and received these as a groomsman's gift, I would buy such a shirt for just that purpose. 

Most of their products are appropriate for family use, but I did find some things, like the Harry Potter Corset, to be in questionable taste. 

I suppose that might be more appealing to young folks who grew up with the Potter franchise, but I was an adult when the first book came out, so it's hard for me to see a kids' series turned toward naughtiness. It would be like the darker, grittier Hundred Acre Wood.

I also think the design is kind of lousy, with the stupid little tie. 

If your dad is a geek or a dork or a nerd, you must browse their panoply of dad gifts before Father's Day creeps up on us. Where else can you find a Tie Fighter Tie

Nowhere, that's where; it's an exclusive to Think Geek. So it's either that for Dad or a new pocket protector, I guess; your choice! (Oddly enough, Think Geek has no pocket protectors for sale at this time. They do have a Sonic Screwdriver, so there's that.) 

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