Friday, January 8, 2016

Rabbit season.

While walking the dog, we came around a corner and were shocked to see a big brown rabbit, just sitting there, minding his own business, maybe giving us the side-eye. I got Tralfaz to sit while I slipped out the phone and snapped a shot. 

We have our share of bunnies in these parts, but they tend to be very small and on constant high alert. This guy was pretty big and pretty calm -- maybe because he was so big.

In the past my huge puppy has bounded after rabbits, who are (thank God) too fast for him. I was afraid if he saw or sniffed what I was seeing he would be off like a shot, pulling my arm and maybe the rest of me after him. (Maybe.) Once I got the picture I hoped the rabbit would find something better to do. But he didn't.

Okay, fine. We strolled up casually. Still no movement. Well, they sometimes dash off only when they know you've spotted them. Hmm...

Nope, no movement at all. No reaction from the dog. And no wonder.

The bunny was just part of a busted tree stump.

Well, didn't I feel like a dummy. Should have worn my specs.

Harrumph. We old fogies know it's not nice to fool Mother Nature, but is it fair for her to be fooling us this way?

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