Monday, January 11, 2016

Make it a Mud Light.

Yesterday was a rainy mess, pretty much all day. One of those days where you feel wet just looking out the window. One where your commitments must be met as quickly as possible so you can huddle inside. One in which you might wish you'd never gotten the dog, who doesn't mind being wet if it doesn't involve a bath, who loves going outside to do his thing. And when his thing is done, he must bring his big bad muddy self into the house.

Yes, friends, the dog likes mud. He doesn't roll in it like some dogs, and thank heaven for that. He gets plenty messy as it is. A long time ago we got him a stack of towels at the dollar store to go with some old beach towels we were already using for days like this, and yesterday he went through them all.

What he likes best about rainy days is drinking off the driveway. Wherever it pools he goes right at it. He just needs little cocktail umbrellas. Normally the rain doesn't pool on our lawn, but when it comes down as hard and as long as it did Sunday it will, and that's even better. More flavor!

Make it a Mud Light
Try the chunky, satisfying taste of Mud Light!
All that mud gets in his thick fuzz and becomes difficult to wipe off. Meanwhile, my jacket is dripping and my own shoes are tracking in mud, and he keeps wandering off while I'm trying to corral him with a towel. Now I know why some families just stick the dog outside all the time.

But he'd miss us. And we'd miss him. Mud and all.

Anyway, it was a warm day---it cracked 50, which is rare in January---and all that rain could have been a blizzard with a little encouragement. As we say in the north at this time of year, any storm you don't have to shovel is a good one.

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