Monday, November 10, 2014


Hey, kids! As promised a few weeks back, my novels are now available for sale on the iBooks store for use on the iPad!

Yippee Dippee Dippee!
Although iBooks software is available---even mandatory---on the iPhone, for some reason my books cannot be made available at this time for that format. I've no idea why, but this seems to be the case for many other publishers as well at this time.

Anyway, if you're like one of the cool kids and you have an iPad, you can enjoy your Fred to go on it. I know I'm kind of heavy to carry around, but the Halloween candy is almost gone, and I can drop a pound or two before Thanksgiving.

Here are the links, which will be included on this blog's sidebar soon:

Cobalt Agonistes

Larry and the Mascots

Faster & Closer


(In answer to a question from Mr. Philbin: Yes, I am still working on the middle-grade book that I expected to have finished two months ago. Fortunately everyone who knows me knows that I have a complex and rewarding life and I am also a big fat liar. At least about getting my writing done when promised. Trust me, when the blasted thing is done, you'll all be the second to know.)

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