Friday, June 2, 2017

Best dog toy!

I'm never going without one of these in the backyard again.

It's one of those bubble wands you see at the supermarket for a buck. In the morning I take the little guy outside for a run, help him get some exercise and fresh air so he'll be happy and healthy and let Papa get some work done. We toss the ol' squeaky balls around, but some days that's not enough to excite him. And his favorite thing is to skin tennis balls, but fresh tennis balls aren't always readily available. But he always enjoys chasing bubbles.

The wand is cool because it blows a stream of bubbles, and he wants to break them all. He'll leap and jump and run and basically act like a crazy person. He'll nab them in the air. He'll find them on the ground.

Lie low... he won't see us...
He'll find them trying to go over the wall!

I think you're stuck, there, dude.

It's awesome. I also like that I don't have to go around picking up toys later.

Plus, bubbles are just fun. Who doesn't like to blow bubbles? Jerks, that's who. So put us down in the Pro-Bubble column. They're certainly cheaper than tennis balls.

I've even tried the Incredibubbles -- these are peanut butter flavored bubbles (really!) by Pet Qwerks, safe for pets and children. Mrs. K bought them. (As you can see, they also make catnip and peach flavored bubbles.)

Bubbles: the great equalizer between pets and children.

Pet Qwerks says you can stack and otherwise play around with the bubbles, and that's great, but Nipper generally prefers to nail 'em in the air. Also, the Incredibubbles are very small, and he likes big bubbles. And he cannot lie.

Some dogs would prefer a more bite-size bubble, though, like Snoopy:

If I can get Nipper to do this, you'll see us on AFV.

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