Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mid-June delights.

Just some pics of things observed this June, often while walking Mr. Dog:

Now a followup on the bird's nest that I wrote about in May; Mother Robin had her babies, and they popped out of the eggs. Here's the fat little babies all clustered in the nest:

But robins, unlike humans, don't waste much time hanging around. Americans adults may be treated as children to the age of 26, but birds don't buy that namby-pamby stuff. By last Monday everyone had moved on, and I took the this year's nest down.

What's this next shot? Some kind of flowering ground cover? Actually it's a close-up view of a tree. What kind of tree, I have no idea. I never paid attention to the arboreal stuff in my career as a Cub Scout. Where I grew up in the city you'd see the same oaks and sweetgums everywhere and little else. This is beautiful, though. You wish your pillowcases looked as silken and inviting as these white flowers.

And this is... I actually don't know what the hell this is, either. Someone's house. Or someone's ex-house. We just happened to be passing by. What a bizarre side door. 

Finally, here's a thrilling monster movie -- 22 seconds of the biggest slug I have ever seen in person. Usually our New York slugs just look like something you coughed up, and about the same size, if you had a cold, maybe. This sucker had weird patterns, and looked to be as long as my index finger. It was the kind of thing you associate with southern areas, where the winter is never cold and the bugs just keep growing to the size of Elantras. Here he comes, sliming his way out of his nice safe lawn and onto the street. Go back, stupid slug!

The movie ends abruptly as a shadow (Dog) comes closer to investigate. I didn't want him to eat the slug. It might have been bad for both of them.

So that's my season so far; hope yours has been kind to you.

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