Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter tree.

God said Eat not of the fruit of the tree
As told in Genesis 3 and 3
Eat not of the tree or dead you shall be
In Adam’s fall, all sinned did we

By the altar put no grove of any tree
We were told in Deuteronomy
And if a man sins and dying must be
Hang ye that man upon a tree

They sing in Chronicles 16:33
The judgment of God makes the song of the tree
In Proverbs to tree as like Wisdom be
Called tree of life to they that hold she

Matthew and Luke tell of fruit from the tree
Good fruit and bad tree indubitably
By their fruit we can know which kind they may be
The kind of the fruit tells us the kind of the tree

Blessed is the fruit of Mary’s womb
Blessed is the work of our salvation
The route from tree to tree to tomb
Requires participation

Our surrender is our only key
To save us from eternal loss
For only God can make the tree
But only Man can build the cross.

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